i hate games

I hate games. I don’t mean like “dating” games, I hate those too, but that will be dealt with in a separate #shant. People always want to play stupid games and it’s ridiculous and an outrage. There are groups of people that will make a game of literally anything. Oh do you have neon glow bracelets at your party? Do you have empty beer bottles? Both of those things were supposed to be fun and now they are a STUPID GAME. Some kind of improvised ring toss or whatever. Ugh I hate it. 

Maybe it’s because I just hate games, maybe it’s because I’m bad at them, maybe it’s because I want to seem superior to the game playing masses. 

But they are so very annoying. They’re often difficult to figure out simply because I don’t feel like putting in the effort and would rather be doing anything else. To be in a competitive environment makes me sick to my stomach and my heart races and I feel like everyone is judging my every move, waiting to pounce on me and display their knowledge and status in the unspoken game hierarchy and put me in my place. 

And any time I play one it’s merely performative. I’m doing it for the benefit of others. I don’t want to be seen as a “spoil sport” or a “cynic.” Oh sorry I’d rather have an ADULT CONVERSATION and not play the game. I join to appease those around me. My heart isn’t in it and I’m pretending I give a shit about the game. 

The truth is, I don’t give a shit about any game. There are many who are engaged in a constant whirlwind of competition. They always want to be smarter, stronger, funnier, better…and this is in EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIFE. They are always competing, never to rest, constantly striving to place themselves just one more notch above the rest, clawing to the top of the pile. The work pile, the friend pile, the laundry pile, the list goes on. 

These people love games. It gives them a socially acceptable reason to gloat, to sneer, to peacock around the room and proclaim their superiority. This is what they live for. And it’s the most annoying thing of all. 

You can’t have a nice no stakes game between friends, it isn’t possible. Because AT LEAST one person in a group of more than three people is going to see this as their chance. Their BIG CHANCE to show how AWESOME they are. The game defines them. It’s their moment to shine. 

And I will stand in the corner and roll my eyes. 

<Googles photo of “Jenga block dangling precariously>

4 thoughts on “i hate games

  1. No I am not going to play the game of best comment. I share your feelings about competition and have never enjoyed the team thing. For me I think it’s all about being judged and found lacking-terror,shame.Games are a better than thing, unfortunately the American. way

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