jersey city’s all about downtown street fair is the biggest day of your life – a tribute.

Do you like giant sangria? Do you like beer gardens and live music? Do you like local art and local jewelry and bacon wrapped sausages and streets full of people and additional random ephemera that I can’t even remember right now? The Jersey City’s All About Downtown Street Fair IS FOR YOU.

Random dinosaur earrings I bought yesterday for no reason.

It’s the best day in Jersey City and across the world, and it happens every September. I’m not sure how many years it has existed but I have been going since 2014 and I think you’re well aware that nothing on this earth truly exists without my awareness so let’s say this was year number 5 for everyone. It’s 2019 now and a lot has changed so I would like to count down through the past 5 years with some PICS.

Let’s start with this year, 2019. My parents’ dog Miles always comes, he is a giant black lab/great dane/boxer and an enormous but terrified monster. He took his first Uber ride and it was adorable but he was in a heightened state of dog panic the entire time. Once we arrived at the street fair he insisted on a number of breaks in the shade.

My parents are adorable and I love to party with them and we always have the greatest time of all time so don’t question our methods. Every year so far it has been a beautiful day and by 4pm or so we get to that point where it’s like you’re so trashed the sky looks super blue and the sun feels super bright and your eyes are kind of sleepy but life is good.

This was the first year we did a little BYOB…wait was that legal?

I also like this day so much because it’s so very incredible that I can convince friends from Manhattan/Brooklyn/The Moon to come to New Jersey and that is a beautiful thing. (3/4 of the people below are from Jersey City at this point but just trust me on this one).

Moving on, let’s check out last year, 2018. I don’t have much description for it besides what I said above. It’s pretty much the same every year and that is part of the beauty. I mainly wanted to showcase my different outfits over the years. K good talk.

In Fall 2017 I was having a pretty wild time and also cut my own bangs but those two things had nothing to do with each other so stop it. I resent the implication that “cutting your own bangs” indicates some kind of extreme psychosis. Maybe I just wanted bangs and didn’t want to spend $80 on a haircut. Let me LIVE. 2017 was a hard year for me overall…just in my own mind, nothing really happened, but I still had fun on All About Downtown Day, duh.

Shoes are Vans, romper from Urban Outfitters, haircut by ME (already mentioned that).

Next up is 2016. Between January 2016 and September 2016 I lost a TON of weight, about 60lbs. It was hard as hell and is still hard But I did it you guys and by July-ish of that year I was super pumped on fun outfits and wearing fun outfits and taking pictures in fun outfits so that was cool and quite celebratory to do on this day.

As I mentioned above, I lost 60lbs in 2016, so in 2015 I was…60lbs heavier. This would have been fine if I didn’t feel like crap and super tired and hot all the time. I was still cute and I still had fun, but I did only get a pic from the shoulders up. Also – straight hair! WEIRD…I NEVER DO THAT ANYMORE.

And finally, 2014. Who even knows what I was even doing in 2014, but my parents and Miles weren’t there that year. My pals Kim and Caity came over from Manhattan and I took a single pic of them as evidence of their attendance, that is all that survives from that day.

Kim lives in LA now and Caity just got engaged, but we’ll always have All About Downtown.

Did you go to All About Downtown? What did you like best about it? What did you like worst about it? Do you hate it now because you’ve lived in Downtown Jersey City for NOT A DAY UNDER 7 years and you don’t like what’s happened to the place? Did you love it? Did you think it was a nice time to come together and it really showcases what we have as a city BECAUSE WE HAVE A LOT OF COOL STUFF? I don’t know, tell me what you think, if you want.

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