target “drop” coverage for you hypebeasts out there.

Like any basic chick with a (questionably) disposable income and some time on my hands, I love a Target Run (TM).

So last month I read somewhere on this beautiful internet of ours that they were doing a 20 years of designer collabs CELEBRAISH and the DROP was September 14! A Saturday! I could fully attend! It was written in my planner with a corresponding sticker! But then I went to Jane-a-palooza (I’ll explain another day) and hung out with my boyfriend instead.

I finally attended Target church this past Sunday, a full week and a day after this “drop,” and as expected the remaining selection at Target of Jersey City was pretty slim…BUT not as slim as it has been in the past.

Although…in years past I WAS able to score this Peter Pilotto dress (ripped when I got too fat for it, RIP) in 2014 and this Prabal Gurung dress (surprise, surprise…ripped when I got too fat for it, pour one out) in 2013. If you’re into this sort of shit, like if you’re some kind of FASHION HISTORIAN, here’s a more comprehensive look at the Peter Pilotto collection from Refinery29, and a closer peek at the Prabal Gurung collection from Teen Vogue (I also had the dress in the 3rd pic down! And…it ripped when I got too fat for it…OH THE HUMANITY).

Full disclosure, years ago before Target did these collabs I had no idea who any designers were. I mean, I still don’t, REALLY. I’ve always loved clothes but it’s hard to keep up with stuff and remember who is doing what and everyone’s names and I’m just like, “GIVE ME THE PRETTY THINGZ!” Anyway, this was my first experience with designers like Issac Mizrahi, Anna Sui, Missoni, the dudes (They’re dudes? I should fact check this) mentioned above, the whole thing. I thought it was super cool and since I’m not a rich person I was extra on board with the whole “Design for all” philosophy and throwing the little money I do have at some designer wares.

I felt bad I didn’t go the day of as I had told myself I would, but it’s hard to stay focused in these times. So I went on Sunday and this is my full report. Enjoy…

I wanted all of these little plates and bowls and glasses but then realized that in my move I purchased an excessive, bordering on obscene, amount of little plates and bowls and glasses and I decided I would let these go. But leaving them left a hole in my heart.

I DESPERATELY wanted to get this skirt for my niece but they did NOT have her size and frankly that was rude.

Lily Pulitzer presents me with a personal, heart wrenching, devastating conundrum. I love what they do aesthetically (Bright colors! Flowers! Beachy! A pineapple!), but I can’t get on board…culturally? It just makes me think of the kind of person I try not to be. I think you know what I mean. If you don’t, or if that’s you, I’m sorry. It’s just not me. Sorry Lily. K bye.

I found items in both of these photos fab and fun but I didn’t make note of who made them. If you squint really hard can you see the tags? Well shit, I’ve failed at fashion blogging before I’ve even started…NEXT!

Okay now the real fun starts. These are the ones I chose to try on. We’ve got Rodarte on the left, Missoni in the middle, and Issac Mizrahi on the right. WHO WILL WIN THE GAME OF…DRESSES I TRIED ON IN THE TARGET FITTING ROOM?! (which is new and cute at the JC Target, by the way. I’ll show you a pic at the end).

I love the fabrics and the color of this one but I couldn’t get behind the cut. Also I’m slouching so the fact that it doesn’t look right is 100% my fault and I should be punished. Punished by not getting to possess this lovely dress. Hmmm maybe I’ll go back for it…

I didn’t love the cut of this one either but that didn’t keep me from doing stupid poses in it. You’re welcome. I also really liked the color and the fabric, but I still didn’t feel that great in it. ISSAC I AM SORRY, OK?

PS the worst part was that it felt like it SHOULD have pockets and I kept feeling for the pockets and there WERE NOT POCKETS and the whole thing completely offended my sensibilities. ISSAC I AM SORRY AGAIN BUT NO I CANNOT BUY THIS DRESS.

Last is the Missoni, this one I got! I loved the way it felt and fit, it’s a sweater dress. I have been poking around online for one of their ACTUAL REAL RICH PERSON sweater dresses to purchase via the miracle of consignment and I haven’t quite found the one I want/a worthy deal yet so this will have to do and I think it’s great. Plz hold your applause.

Here it is one more time because I love it and I’m also glad to share that I got a MINI VERSION for my niece because she is 3 years old BUT MAKES IT FASHION. It’s not very pink so I hope she likes it. Okay you may now applaud.

Thanks for playing along and I hope you enjoyed my bonus Sunday “I rolled out of bed and came to try on clothes” hairstyle that I have been perfecting since I was 3 years old and making it fashion.

As promised, this is a photo of the new and much improved JC Target fitting room. I like it. Mostly because there isn’t a fitting room gatekeeper because the less people I need to talk to in a store the better. And fitting room gatekeepers make me feel flustered and awkward because they make you CHOOSE what to take in and that just doesn’t seem right at all.

Do you like Target “drops”/designer collabs? What do you like most about it? What do you like least about it? Are you a fashion purist and think that design should NOT, in fact, be for all? If so, you can get the heck out. See ya.

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