tie-dye for adults.

Slow news day today so I’m just going to show you some pics of tie-dye shirts I recently had a shit ton of fun making. Also my mom said I have to write shorter posts so you’re welcome.

JaneDO had a street fest called Jane-a-palooza a few weeks ago to celebrate women! Woo! I also celebrated tie-dye by making this T-shirt.

I forgot everything I ever knew about tie-dye and a kind young gal took me through all the steps.

I did this swirly twirly design which I think had a real name but I forgot it. It involved swirling and twirling the shirt and then putting rubber bands over it to put it together.

I squirted a bunch of the dye all over it and thought I really blew it but I had to put it inside a bag and then wait 24 hours to find out if I actually did blow it. I waited with bated breath and finally rinsed it out in my bathroom sink. It hung on my bathroom towel rack to dry for weeks until I put it in my suitcase to bring home this weekend.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

Next up is the other one I made last weekend at Frankie’s 2nd birthday party! With some help from the gang from Deep Space

Frankie is a delish restaurant in Jersey City with delish foods and cocktails. Go!

I tried a different tie-dye move this time and made “crinkles” by bunching up sections with rubber bands AND THEN I watered down the red dye with WATER to make PINK. It was a revelation.

It’s pretty wrinkly but it hasn’t actually been washed yet because I don’t want to mess it up so stay tuned for what happens with that.

I brought my little tripod home to my parents’ in Milford, NJ and ran around in what we refer to as “The Back Field” and took these photos. And I only have one pose and it involves the left side of my face. And I need to work on that.

Do you like tie-dye? Do you have any tie-dye tips or tricks? Do you have any tie-dye horror stories from childhood/summer camp?

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