milk bar nyc flagship.

The Milk Bar NYC flagship – WHAT?! It is too amazing for words.

I had some time during lunch today and the new Milk Bar NYC flagship is only a couple of blocks from my office so I went over to check it out. It opened this past weekend and I couldn’t wait to get over there.


The Milk Bar NYC flagship has all the pies and cakes and cookies that I love, in copious amounts for maximum dramatic effect when you walk in. It smells AMAZING. It smells even more amazing since Broadway between 27th and 29th stinks like Brussels sprouts because of Dig Inn so when you walk into Milk Bar you’re like omgggg much better.

At work we’ve occasionally gotten the “crack” pie for office celebrations. Today I learned that it is NO LONGER referred to as the “crack” pie. The place was full of tourists and one very excited to be there tourist man kept referring to it as “crack” pie when he was ordering and the lady behind the counter was very patient with him but was like “we call it ‘milk bar pie’ now.” But he continued to call it “crack pie.” As will I. I wonder who they pissed off to get in trouble with the language police like that.

Crack Pie, now known as “Milk Bar Pie.”

The birthday cake flavored cake is 100% the greatest cake I’ve ever eaten. One year some pals pulled together and got me one for my bday and I literally cried I was so happy.

I also enjoy the truffles. I ENJOY THEM A GREAT DEAL.

When it comes to the cookies, corn and confetti flav are my favs. The blueberry one I also enjoy depending on my mood.

The Milk Bar NYC flagship also has the cereal milk soft serve that is quite delish.

BEYOND THAT you can make your own layered pint to take home OR EAT THERE with the soft serve and toppings.

Additionally you can make your own CAKE and choose ALL OF THE LAYERS.

In other news you can MAKE YOUR OWN COOKIE.


The employees are also very friendly, and they have a filtered water fountain with re-usable cups. When I’m shoving sweet treats in my face I do like to stay hydrated.

Savory treats live here as well and I got an Eggplant Parm Bagel Bomb for lunch. IT WAS BOMB.

Last, I checked out the gift shop stuff and there was plenty of useless pink shit I would totally buy. I mean that in the most positive way.

Apparently you can also mail people treats from the store and there is a cute pink mailbox but I didn’t really look into it.

The Milk Bar NYC flagship is located at 1196 Broadway in the Ace Hotel, the space where the John Dory Oyster Bar used to be. I don’t care much for oysters, but John Dory fish are flat interesting looking weirdo fish so I was interested in the name. But I don’t think I ever went in. Because I hate oysters. Bye.

The floor was awesome!

There is also a Stumptown Coffee Roasters in the Ace Hotel so now I have two reasons to walk 4 blocks north on my break.

Do you like Milk Bar?! Are you pumped for this flagship?! What treats should I get to bring home for Thanksgiving?! Do you think calling a dessert “crack pie” is offensive?! The people want to know.

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