thanksgiving eve.

Thanksgiving Eve is the holiday you didn’t ask for. It’s also the high school reunion you didn’t ask for.

I started to write this and then I thought, “Wait maybe I like Thanksgiving Eve? …I don’t know. I can’t decide.”

I think I pretty much dislike most things that take me back to high school world, and that’s a purpose Thanksgiving Eve served for many years.

Is it cliche to LOVE high school or is it cliche to HATE high school? Hashtag “why not both?” I mean I hated it but I feel like people would read that and say “psh, someone like her WOULD <eye roll>.”

I just didn’t like that my high school was so small! I just wanted to do whatever I wanted and not have anyone know or gossip about it or even think about it ever! Why was that so much to ask?!

Maybe Thanksgiving Eve started during college? Is that the day we went home for “Thanksgiving break”? I think the more important question is why I can’t remember.

Okay it’s coming back to me. I think in college we must have gone to The Ship Inn on Thanksgiving Eve. And everyone was like “omggggg hiiiii” and it’s was like <internal eye roll> “omgggg hiiii” right back. Nothing against The Ship Inn though. Love that place.

At one point I believe my sister and her friends chartered an ACTUAL LIMOUSINE to chauffeur them around while they were getting LIT AF on Thanksgiving Eve. Am I remembering this correctly? Let me know.

Thanksgiving Eve became that first “return to home” of adulthood where you haven’t seen everyone you grew up with for a few months and it feels super weird to see them and some of them have different hair or gained 15 or more lbs, or in the the direct inverse developed some kind of Adderall habit and LOST 15 or more lbs, and there’s really no easy way to deal with it. Because it’s essentially your first time as a young person having to make this dumb kind of “catch up small talk” and act like you care. And everyone feels like they have to live up to some kind of standard and bla bla bla and ugh it’s so boring.

For some reason I was thinking about it today and it just made me feel bored and exhausted. And just completely over it. And I felt so glad I’m not doing that tonight. Sorry if you are, sucks to be youuuuu…

Now, as grownup grownups, or like people older than 28, fun stuff happens close to our homes. Our actual homes, not our ancestral homes. I know for a fact that Jersey City has fun shit happening tonight at Porta, Lucky 7, South House, and LITM. And maybe some other places too but I don’t know. Look it up.

I’ve never been around JC for the Thanksgiving Eve fun and I def have FOMO. I have FOMO a lot lately because I haven’t been going out as much. Hope you’re having fun out there without me everyone.

For the last couple of years my friend Kim has been having a wine tasting party at her house in Morristown on Thanksgiving Eve and it has been THE BEST. This year it is postponed because everyone is busy with babies or whatever. Ah well, another thing to add to my “reasons not to have babies” list. (*”Reasons not to have babies but still be cool to the babies related to you and your friends” list).

Well…I guess those are my thoughts on Thanksgiving Eve. What are YOUR thoughts on Thanksgiving Eve? Do you take the day off? Do you travel home on this day? Is it bananas? Do you still have informal high school reunions every year? Have you ever commissioned a STRAIGHT UP LIMO to drive you and your friends around? Just wondering.

2 thoughts on “thanksgiving eve.

  1. Really never experienced Thanksgiving Eve.Never went to any class reunion. I’m going to wait till there all dead and have my own reunion.


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