i’m afraid of COVID-19

I know just ten days ago I was asking if I should even be afraid of coronavirus, but now I am fully afraid of COVID-19. This isn’t anything new that you’ll read today. It’s just a scary time.

My biggest fear is being trapped in my house. Or like, not being able to go anywhere fun. Or being encouraged to avoid fun places with a lot of people. Because there are a lot of people there.

Overall I’ve been pretty skeptical, but I read this today and it pulled me to the dark side. Of terror. The article contains a lot of math I don’t understand at all, but it convinced me that kinda hiding out is prob a good idea to slow this shit down.

At work I got all whipped up into a panic and had to leave. I couldn’t sit at my desk anymore. Tomorrow I’ll work from home. And next week. And then after that we’ll see.


Wash your hands, or whatever. K bye.

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