quarantine chores.

Okay this is the last coronavirus thing I’m gonna talk about because I already can’t stand it. I also haven’t posted in a couple of days because I have felt crippled by anxiety. Just frozen by it. And my brain hasn’t been working properly. Or at all. But one good thing that has come from COVID-19 so far is QUARANTINE CHORES.

QUARANTINE CHORES are chores that you’re forced to do during quarantine. Also you’ve been putting them off for so long…but now you have nothing better to do so it’s time for the CHORES.

I’ve only been “quarantined” for 2.5 days and I’m already losing my mind. I strongly dislike having nothing to do and having to “lay low” or “take it easy.” But we do it because we must, for the good of the community. But I’m still very outraged that the Best Coast concert I was supposed to go to on Wednesday is postponed. Not MAD at anyone…just mad AT A VIRUS. NBD.

So here I am stuck at home doing boring shit and here is the boring shit I’m doing.

actually putting away laundry.

As I’ve said before, I send my laundry out and someone else washes it. I don’t have a washer/dryer in my apartment or my building and I don’t have a laundromat nearby. Sending it out doesn’t mean I live a glamorous life or even that I have money. It’s a necessary evil. Don’t judge me.

Usually when the laundry comes back it will sit in its bag for at least two weeks, until I need that bag to send out more laundry. Then I have to empty the bag and put away the clean laundry before I put the dirty laundry in there to send it out.

Yesterday afternoon as soon as the doorbell rang and it was Senor Bubbles I started to get pumped to have an ACTIVITY to participate in. And that activity was actually putting away my laundry.

And then I did. Because I had nothing better to do.

organizing workout clothes drawer.

This drawer is a legit monster. It’s the messiest drawer I have ever had in my entire life and I also have two drawers full of bathing suits. And as a child I had drawers that our pet ferrets slept in (they never biiiiite). This drawer is still worse.

I don’t know how it gets this bad, but it does. And I have been meaning to organize it for months but I’ve also been avoiding organizing it for months.


So yesterday I sat in my room and took all the shit out of it and removed stuff I never use to be given away or thrown away or turned into some kind of multi-use item that’s good for the environment in some way that I don’t even know about or understand.

The stuff I still use went back in the drawer but in a more organized fashion. This drawer will stay organized for at least the next 4 days, but maybe more if they shut down the gym. (PLZ DO NOT SHUT DOWN THE GYM).

dust mite prevention.

A few weeks ago I went to get allergy tests and I was told I’m pretty darn allergic to dust mites. As I do, I went on Amazon and bought everything dust mite related. It got delivered a day later and the unopened box has been sitting in my living room for at least 2 weeks.

Yesterday it was time to open the box and do some dust mite prevention!

I got a spray and sprayed it all over all the things. The things being my mattress, mattress pad, pillows, headboard, etc. After the spray down it had to dry, then I vacuumed everything. Which was weird but I did it.

Next I put a special cover on my mattress and on some of my pillows. And it was done! Dust mite prevention, one of my fav quarantine chores!

During this process my face and eyes got very very itchy. I think because all the dust mites got stirred up. So then I had to take Benadryl. So no quarantine chores got done after that.

closet cleanup.

Okay you know my closet is my most prized possession. But it is a terrible, deplorable, catastrophic mess right now.

So in the next few days or weeks or whatever, I’m going to have to tackle this closest. I didn’t make it to the closet yesterday because I fell into a Benadryl stupor, and I may not make it today or even tomorrow, but at some point during this quarantine I will clean out my closet.

Have you been doing quarantine chores? What are some good ones I’m missing out on?

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