march birchbox.

Here it is, my thoughts on the March Birchbox!

I realize it’s the end of March. I saved it for now because it was a bright spot at the end of the calendar page. March is already traditionally the worst month and this year it got taken to another level of terrible.

But the Birchbox is great! I even tried some products right out of the box this time!

I spread the Wander Beauty Double Date Lip and Cheek on my cheeks but I think I did it wrong. I looked like my niece when she uses my sister in law’s makeup. I need practice with this one.

The Floss Beauty My New Favorite Lip Gloss lip gloss, on the other hand, was BADASS and I didn’t do it wrong! Because it has no color. But it smelled like the old vanilla frosting lip gloss from lip smackers! I can’t make this up. It’s def my new favorite as the package foretold. Also it’s a full size sample heyoooooo.

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