learn how to use this camera.

I titled this post as a goal, and my goal is to learn how to use this camera.

My sweet lil sis let me borrow this camera months ago and I still don’t really know how to use it. I’m lazy I guess. All of the resources are right in front of me, like this YouTube vid.

You may be asking, “Didn’t you at one time use cameras as your job?” And my answer would be yes I did but that was a fake it til you make it situation. I got what I needed to get out of the camera and we won an Emmy to prove it but I really just learned how to do all that on the run.

I swear this is a real Emmy. They don’t give statues to the minions, unforch.

And that was a video camera. This is a STILL camera. There are things I picked up, regarding white balance and aperture and composition, that stuff I can do. It’s more the technical aspects of this camera. How can I make the pictures go from “ooo that’s a pretty nice picture” to “HOLY SHIT THAT PICTURE IS BADASS!” It’s the badass factor that draws me to learn how to use this camera.

Artistic rendering of my shadow with video camera capturing moon timelapse. This is the most narcissistic thing I own and therefore one of my favs.

I also want to learn how to use this camera for the birds. Birds are my new best friends because they’re pretty much the only in-person friends I have available. I want to be able to take badass pics of them!

Bonus vid of blue jays.

Right now with my phone I can only take bird pics like this:

Blurry pic of mourning dove.

If you have any tips on how I can learn how to use this camera please share!

*I’m going to add a disclaimer here that I don’t think you NEED to be productive in quarantine. It is a privilege to have learning available to me and I acknowledge that. This is the politically correct thing to say. So don’t feel like I’m telling you that you also have to learn something. But I MUST keep busy and learn something and fill up my day with more than pajamas and aimless staring out the window or I will lose my mind and JUMP out that window. Thx.

2 thoughts on “learn how to use this camera.

  1. Don’t jump out the window, unless you where a mask and gloves. When I used a 35mm SLR, I could never quite get the numbers so point & shoot hit or miss! I relied on composition for my salvation. Way back then you had to wait for developing. You don’t, so just do a bunch of shit and the pictures you like will tell you the best settings.


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