It’s time to talk about skorts.


Like, you can wear a skirt. It can be a very short skirt. And underneath that skirt, there are shorts that are attached, shorts that COME WITH THE SKIRT. And this makes a skort! And you can wear it anywhere!

As a little kid I LOVED SKORTS. I always wanted to be wearing a dress but I ALSO always wanted to be on the move. Riding bikes and running and jumping over things and sitting in the grass reading a book and just living life. So a skort offered the perfect solution to wear a dress but also be able to move and groove and not be worried that people could see my underwear.

Not that I have ever really worried that people can see my underwear.

When I was 12 I became a cheerleader and an essential part of the cheerleading uniform is what we called “bloomers.” In some circles/regions of the country they were called “spankies” or “spanky pants” and I think that’s unnecessarily creepy and bordering on misogynist so we’ll call them “bloomers” here, thx.

But bloomers allow the cheerleading uniform to be cute and girly (two of my favorite things) while also being functional. Cheerleaders can wear a lovely little dress and look great in photos and they’re also able to kick their legs and do backflips and jump and bend over to lift whole other people and no one cares whether or not they can see their butts because they’re covered by a small piece of stretchy polyester fabric and that makes it socially acceptable.

And the skort FUSES THE BLOOMERS TO THE SKIRT. I’ll be honest, I forgot my bloomers on more that one occasion. Not on purpose! Maybe on purpose? But if I did, I would have to wear shorts I had in my gym locker or shorts I borrowed from a friend or extra bloomers my coach had. And that was annoying. It would have been great to just have a skort!

As a freshman in high school I had a pink skort I got at Express and I WORE THAT SHIT TIL THE WHEELS FELL OFF. I wore it to school and to the beach and to the mall and on vacation and I probably wore it to sleep. The summer before sophomore year, at cheer camp I spotted another team that had skorts as part of their “camp clothes” and we only had boring old soffe shorts and I lobbied SO HARD for us to have skorts as part of our “camp clothes” and we FINALLY DID when I was a senior.

Pink skort.

So then I had two skorts in my wardrobe, the hot pink Express one and a navy blue one that I also wore into the ground including when I played in the powder puff football game senior year.

Navy skort.

Because anything you can do I can do better AND IN A SKORT.

Sadly I don’t know what became of these skorts because they’d be like 20 years old now, but this spring I procured two NEW skorts, one from Girlfriend Collective and one from Free People.

The Girlfriend Collective one is very sleek, it’s a lovely smooth material. It fits perfectly and it looks great. It’s nice for a workout to look and feel cute and I didn’t have to do any tugging at the skirt or the shorts beneath. Zero tugging on the skort as a whole.

Skort screenshot.

The Free People one is super cute and flares out and I think could be described as “flirty.” It actually looks a lot like the traditional cheerleading skirt shape and I love that about it. I miss wearing cheerleading skirts! I like the way they look on me and feel like they’re inherently flattering to my particular shape (athletic, short legs, muscular thighs) and not many other clothes are. Especially not stupid jeans.


I really enjoyed wearing this skort and frolicking over the weekend, but it didn’t fit as well as the Girlfriend Collective one in that I had to keep pulling on it to reposition it. Maybe it would have been better in a different size but I still love it and will certainly rock it again.

Really looking forward to wearing both of these skorts all summer long for any and every activity I’ll see you there.

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