my black friday finds.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about my Black Friday finds. The last time I went to visit my niece and nephew they had just gotten a bunch of spooky stuff on sale after Halloween. My nephew hid all of the stuff and then revealed it to us one by one, while also letting us know the price and how much the discount was.

He is 5. And that inspired me.

So I will do the same for you as I tell you about my Black Friday finds. Or like, the finds I actually purchased that were delivered to me last week.

Me with my Black Friday finds.

Keep in mind I did all of this shopping online because going to a crowded store and being close to people I don’t know and having to speak to strangers that work there is my worst nightmare.

Apologies for not writing for a couple of days. I drank too much wine on Saturday afternoon and it completely altered the trajectory of my existence.


I LOVE these hair products. I feel like I’m in a personal golden age with my hair, where I kind of feel okay with it, and I think Amika products have made a huge difference. They smell INCRED but beyond that I have gotten actual compliments on my hair which has never happened in the history of time.

In the last few months I have almost exclusively used the velveteen dream shampoo and conditioner. I even finally got little travel containers so I could bring this stuff to the gym with me when I get ready there.

The curl corps defining cream is one of my favorites and I have also used this almost exclusively for the last few months. They also have a hair mask I like and some shiny smoothing stuff I like to keep in my bag to put in my hair when it gets fuzzy. Or I just use hand lotion to smooth my hair. LIFE HACK.

They had some kind of bananas sale where all of the stuff they have with their old packaging/branding was 40% off and I was like yes plz I’ll take one of each. This was the greatest of my Black Friday finds, I think.

Even better news, the order came with a little bag to put stuff in and stickers.

You guys know I love Don’t have to tell you twice. They had 30% off of everything! Woo!

First, I asked Santa for a desk for my room so I can use it when I work from home for regular work and also do my own WERK there. In the hopes of receiving said desk from the North Pole in a few weeks I got some desk accessories as part of my Black Friday finds.

I got two gold paper holder things, a weekly desktop calendar with the days of the week, and a pencil/pen/other shit holder with googly eyes on it. I have this googly eye pencil cup at my regular work desk too and I am OBSESSED.

Holding the spot on the floor where I hope to put the desk if Santa brings it for me.

I also took advantage of this sale to get some skin stuff. I’m trying to fix my skin from getting so red and blotchy all the time and looking completely ridiculous. I was told by a friend in the know that I should try out serums. I was explicitly directed to Drunk Elephant serums but they are so expensive! So I’m trying these on sale serums from my Black Friday finds first.

There’s also a toner which I’m still not 100% sure what that even does and I need to google it and really focus on reading what I find.

Third, this fun pink sparkle clip! I mean that’s it, about that.

And finally, a sparkly sequin shirt because I will never have enough sparkly sequin shit.


JCrew had a sale of like 60% off everything I think. Maybe I’m making that up but that’s usually the number. I admit I’m not as good at keeping track of these numbers as my nephew is.

Once it gets cold out all I can think about is sweatpants. Which is weird because I’m not a very casual person but I think in my house I’m always cold and I like wearing sweatpants while I wrap myself around my heating pad that I blast on high for warmth and I think it may actually be broken now from blasting it like that for hours/days at a time.

So I got these leopard sweatpants.

I didn’t take the best pics of the clothes. I was tired.

I also got a few gifts for my nephew but I know he is dedicated to reading this blog daily so I’m not going to put them here.


Carbon38 is a guilty and often unattainable pleasure. They have incredible workout clothes. Sports bras and pants made out of the nicest most comfortable materials and a matching set for each thing.

I only get stuff from there when it’s on sale and I think for Black Friday it was like an extra 30% off. So I got some sports bras and some pants made out of the nicest most comfortable materials.

You can get like, AN IDEA of the fabric of the sports bra and pants. It’s the black on top. Use your imagination for god’s sake.

That’s the roundup! I tried not to get too crazy, I promise. Since my packages get STOLEN from my home I needed to get these delivered to me at work and the man that distributes the packages already makes fun of me ENOUGH for getting a lot of packages.

Did you go Black Friday shopping? Did you find some good deals? Do you think Black Friday is dumb? Well, it’s not.

halloween hangover.

Halloween is over. Once Halloween is over it feels like fall is also over and it is suddenly Xmas and winter.

But it is NOT!

Fall is still here! These photos were taken TODAY, November 2, in Frenchtown, NJ.



The time changes tonight and we “fall behind” and it will be so so dark at like 4:30pm and I will need to bask by my SAD lamp for a minimum of two hours a day and shove vitamin D down my throat until I regain the will to live.

But before that happens, some bits of Halloween are hanging on and those that truly believe will hold them close as long as they can.

Some scarecrows were still standing in Frenchtown on this fine day. And they were weird. It seemed like the kids that made them made up scary background stories about the scarecrows and I guess that’s pretty fun but also creepy. But maybe that was the point!

Def scary!

I only saw about 5, and 4 of them were in a sad state of disrepair. I think after this weekend they’ll probably all be gone. And I will miss them.

Poor scarecrow 😦

I usually come out to my parents’ house in Milford/Frenchtown every couple of weeks to play outside and do other fun country shit, but this year I’ve been super busy in JC or elsewhere every weekend so I didn’t really get to be out here for much fall stuff and I’m pretty sad about it.

One of the good things about a holiday being over is the CLEARANCE SHOPPING that comes after! Candy is on sale! Decorations are on sale! Toys and costumes are on sale! You can stock up on all the stuff you’ll need for the next year when the holiday comes around again. Even though you’ll put it somewhere and forget it’s there and have to buy it all again at full price. That’s usually what happens to me.

My 5 year old nephew is the King of Halloween and today we went to visit him and his 3 year old sister and he greeted us with a FULL SPREAD of Halloween fun that he got on sale.

He was super pumped that he got it and that it was Halloween Stuff, but he was ALSO pumped that he got it ON SALE and I was like yes of course, you belong in this family come join us on our sale shopping sprees forever and ever.

He presented us with all of his finds one by one and showed us how everything worked and even had the price and percent off breakdown for some. He is a genius.

Sabertooth skel!
This skel “dabs”

The King of Halloween also reported that he has “had his eye on” this particular zombie over the whole last month, every time they went to Party City he checked on it, and he FINALLY got to get it this week because it was ON SALE. And he was glad.

It crawls across the floor!

He’s also depressed that Halloween is over I’ve been told, but he seemed okay today! Like he was still having fun. The Spirit (of) Halloween lives on for those that truly believe and it can never die, even in the cold of winter.

Don’t laugh, it’s true.

Are you sad Halloween is over? Did you get any good Halloween stuff ON SALE? What are your plans to enjoy the fall that we still have left?